Our Story


Founded in 2017, Waeward strives to be an affordable yet attractive backpack brand that follows a travelesque theme while catering to everyday needs. Backpacks, same as clothing, has become a reflection of our personality and style. It's a statement of who we are. Waeward is a backpack brand for those who seek something different with a bit of adventure flare while staying true to it's simplicity. The name "Waeward" derives from the word Wayward which essentially means straying from the path paved by norms or being unafraid of being different and unpredictable. It strongly reflects our brand personality and belief that through travel and experience, people will begin to create their own path rather than follow in the footsteps of others and embrace all the difference that this world brings. 
A big part of our brand is the social aspect behind it which has been what drives our company. Here at Waeward, we are supportive of Canada's Syrian Refugee plan as we believe in the importance of lending a helping hand in desperate times of need regardless of who they may be. Every child should be given an equal opportunity to education and a chance to achieve their potential which is why we are working with "The Caring and Sharing Exchange" to provide backpacks and school supplies to Syrian refugee children in need. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, we are truly grateful for each and every order.